Live Classes & Challenges


Join me for an exclusive virtual masterclass where we'll show our feet some love! As aerialists, proper foot positioning is key for stability, control, and epic performance quality. 

Let's face it, we've all been told to "point your toes," but for an ideal foot position, we need to extend our ankles and lengthen that line from ankle to toe.

During this masterclass, we'll put the fun in footwork as we warm up our feet and work on achieving optimal foot position. Improving foot positioning is not just about aesthetics - it can also enhance your stability, control, and muscle engagement in the air.

As someone who trained for decades to get my feet to the point where they are today, I'm excited to share my story and guide you through this fun and essential masterclass!

Date: Wednesday, May 24th 

Led by: Jill Franklin
Time: 10:00 - 10: 45 am PST
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Cost: None! It's included with your APTV membership :)

You'll need: A small ball (lacrosse ball, or dog toy will work!) and a resistance band.

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*You don't need to register if you can't attend live. The masterclass will be recorded and available for you to watch for 30 days following the recording date.


We're giving away a $100 USD Gift Card to Aerial Essentials and all you have to do is work on your pull-ups! 💪 I know pull-ups can be tough to train, but having a little incentive may help!

Here's how to enter the challenge:

Step 1: Get yourself in front of a pull-up bar or any aerial apparatus and start practicing those pull-ups! Give it at least 10 attempts - whether you're going for the full pull-up, slowly lowering down through the negative pull-up, or using an assist band, every attempt counts!

Step 2: Record yourself in action and share your pull-up video on Instagram using #aptvchallenge and tagging @aerialphysique by May 30th. Alternatively, you can upload your video to Dropbox using this link. Make sure to label your video with your name.

Feeling a little rusty on your pull-up skills? Check out this tutorial on APTV for some helpful pointers. You've got this!